Wednesday, June 12, 2013

This Is very important to me because I am the victim of a pharmaceutical pill and it’s after effects that the FDA did not give warnings about prior to me taking it and I suffer from uncontrollable seizures that cannot be controlled by med’s or diabetic diet because it was brought on by a pharmaceutical pill (brain damage) and I suffer from other complications from the pill. I employed 2 lawyers around July 20th 2009 to help me sue the pill Co., (Joe Flores/Joe Flores Law Firm and Lizy Santiago/ Matthews and Associates Law Firm) who had me thinking  I was going to a court room and were telling me I was going to a court room for 1 ½ to 2 years to fight for an award but I later found out they were dipping into a pot set aside for victims of the pill and I was never going to a court room, but they did not tell me that. I got the questionnaire from Lizy Santiago on August 4th 2009 and sent it back filled out August 5th 2009. They agreed to work with me after I sent the questionnaire back to them and they sent me the consent to hire and represent form from Lizy Santiago’s office on August 13th 2009 and I sent it back filled out August 17th to 20th 2009. So on 10-6-2010 I called Lizy because a lot of time had gone by without hearing from them and she assured me everything was ok and not to worry, they were fighting for me.  Joe Flores called me on (1-31-2011) @ 9:50 AM and said “Call me back later today, I have good news!” So I called him back the same day at 2:45 PM on (1-31-2011) and he abruptly broke out with the word’s “I got your money!” and I asked him how he did that without me being in the court room and he said “we” settled and I said that I didn’t want to settle, I wanted a trial by jury and he tried to convince me that the settlement he got was grand and good and I asked him how much he got  and he said so proudly “$15,000” and I told him that I had exceeded that in emergency room bills just from the seizures alone, and that was $25,000 dollars, not counting future treatment or therapy’s.  And he continued to pressure me to think it was a good deal so I said ok and agreed to the $15,000, so I asked him when I would get the money and he told me it would only be a few weeks and to call him back in an hour, so I called him back at 3:46 PM on (1-31-2011) and we talked about 9 more minutes and he congratulated me and such.  I called Joe back on (3-31-2011) at 10:29 AM to ask where the money was because the few weeks he mentioned had gone by and bills were piling up and he assured me it would get to me in a few more weeks and a few more weeks went by so I called again on (4-25-2011) @ 1:00 PM and this time his tone changed and he told me don’t worry about it, it would get to me. I called him back the same day (4-25-2011) @ 1:16 PM and told him he had told me a couple of times I was getting the money and it hadn’t happened and wanted to know what was going on and he hung up on me.  Joe called me back (4-25-2011) @ 3:25 PM and tried to tell me I’d get the money in a  few more weeks again and I told Joe that because I did not get the money on several occasions that he planned, I was going to give him one more chance to get the money to me or I was going to file a complaint and he hung up again and then called right back the same day (4-25-2011) @ 3:42 PM and told me if I filed a complaint or asked for the money again that I would never see the money at all. So I gave it a good few months to cool down between us, but no money came to me. By (10-6-2011) I call Lizy @ 1:53 PM to see what is going on and she said I’ll call you, she never did call back. I call Lizy again on (11-22-2011) @ 10:11 AM to see if I would get the money and she said I didn’t know when to be quiet and she would think about talking to Joe and hung up on me.  I was very scared at this point and tried to call Lizy again (11-22-2011) @ 10:18 AM a few minutes later to clear things up but she was heartfully and soulfully distant with me like I had never felt from her in the year I was e-mailing her and talking on the phone with her. At this point my family and friends start to ask me why he keeps beating around the bush with the money because now I can’t work and my friends were helping me. Months went by and I never did see the $15,000 he said he got me. What’s also very cruel was he sent me Face Book friend requests on (10-11-11) @ 12:29 AM and (10-11-11) @ 2:29 AM and on (11-01-11) I feel to taunt me and to let me know he got over on me because this was after we had started to argue about the money and he told me I was not going to see the money and was trying to avoid me by phone or e-mail. And So I wrote to the Texas Lawyers Bar for help and filed a complaint on (10/24/11) on Joe Flores and (11/26/11) on Lizy Santiago about the lawyers not paying me and they refused to help. The Texas Lawyers Bar said they didn’t think Joe Flores or Lizy Santiago did anything wrong and dismissed the complaint. During the complaint process Joe and Lizy knew I was serious about the complaint with the Texas Lawyers Bar and had one of their secretaries from Matthews and Associates called me and said “We really want to give you your award, do you have your diabetes papers from the Doctors office?” And I said “Diabetes??? Where did that come from? Why didn’t you tell me I needed a diabetes diagnosis two years ago when I hired Joe and Lizy? Because I would have hired different lawyers for my seizures. Joe and Lizy were hired to fight for my seizures and the Tardive Dyskinesia and the high blood pressure that the Seroquel had caused and why are you asking me that now that I have filed a complaint with the Bar against Joe Flores and Lizy Santiago? Because Joe told me I already had an award waiting for me so why do I need more papers one and a half to 2 years into the case? Papers I was never asked for in the first place, not to mention they took the job on the grounds I had seizures, Tardive Dyskinesia and high blood pressure from  the hospital records at Methodist Hospital, Prespatarian  Hospital and Parkland Hospital, evidence they accepted to take my case along with other evidence like the Seroquel records, and Parkland Hospital already gave me two diabetes test that came back negative in the mists of my emergency room visits with them because the doctors wanted to rule out all they could to help me?” Then she hung up on me.  And I wrote to the Houston  D.A. and Corpus Christie D.A. for help because this is where Joe Flores’s and Lizy Santiago’s offices are at and they never really got back with me and would not return my calls or e-mail and the e-mail they did send me ere saying they needed more evidence or they didn’t get it, or it was always something that prevented them (The D.A.) from pressing charges. So I wrote to the Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Texas Attorney Gen. Greg Abbott to look into the Texas Lawyers Bar and Lawyers but they did not respond at all. Then I wrote to the U.S. Attorney Gen. Eric Holder and the President of the U.S. Barak Obama to look into the actions of the state of Texas, but no response at all. I also wrote to Lizy Santiago’s Boss (David Matthews) who owns (Matthews and Associates Law Firm) the firm Lizy works at a few time and he won’t write at all ether so I wrote a few e-mails saying if he did not write back or respond I would say he was condoning the actions of Lizy and Joe and aiding and abetting and covering up fraudulent criminal activity in the theft of funds against me. So I am coming to the real leaders of the U.S., “The People” “The Public”. This will also help Americans understand people more and the after effects of a failing Gov. as “We the People” should act now and swiftly as we must show American attorneys they cannot steal from victims of physical impairment from mishap by pills that were supposed to help me, but instead crippled me. So I tried to run from my problems by driving to California in 2012 because my leaders would not help me and the ultimate happened, I had a seizure behind the wheel and wrecked my van on I-10 in El Monte, CA. The state of California has asked me not to drive while in their state and that is understandable, I have uncontrollable seizures and do not need to be behind the wheel.  Thank goodness I did not hurt anyone or myself and my friend let me come back to Texas where she helps me on a daily basis. After I had filed the Petition with and filed with Ripoff and started my blogs on Google Joe Flores e-mailed me on (6/23/13) 10:14 PM and told me he did not see any money from my suit, even though he had told me months prior he had an exact amount of $15,000 for me and he said in the e-mail “I withdraw as your lawyer and I’ll press charges against you for telling people what happened and cyber bulling me. I never got any paper work saying they quit and they never told me that they had quit.  What I did not know is he sent my mother a more detailed letter than mine an hour earlier (6-23-13) 9:41 PM. My mom forwarded the e-mail to me on the (6/24/13) 6:07 AM and it looked as if he had edited my e-mail and said in my mom’s e-mail that we can settle, but don’t call him (how can we settle if I’m not allowed to call him? And Joe said I was urging people to harass him in my petition on Change .org”. This letter is the petition and I never asked anyone to harass him. And also lied again and said I threatened him with violence. Misleading / Mixed messages from Joe again!) and he said he withdrew from my case years ago in the e-mail to my mom even though it’s only been a year or two, but again, I never got any type of letter saying they quit and they never told me they quit while working for me, not to mention I had filed with the Texas Lawyers Bar while Joe and Lizy were still working for me and we were arguing about the money and Joe or Lizy never mentioned they were going to quit or had quit at any time at all. Lizy sent me an e-mail on (6/26/13) 7:54 PM stating   “Mr. Waters: We have tried to contact you multiple times regarding the confidential settlement. My records indicate you released our firms from your service and declined the settlement offered to you. Please contact our law firm by phone to further discuss. Thank you.”  I never declined the settlement; I was pressured into taking it and then I never got it. And why is Joe Flores in such denial even though his name is on the contract and Lizy is accepting responsibility and admitting there is a settlement? And if Lizy collected a settlement, why would Joe not collect or quit while collecting a settlement? After all, his name is on the contract and the contract says “Client agrees consents and understands that the attorneys are assuming joint responsibility for the representation of client.”  I responded to Lizy Santiago by e-mail on (6/28/13) and said “You’ll have to e-mail me, I’ve lost everything. My van, work and my phone too. I’ve been homeless a couple of times too because I have no money. The seizures have taken over my life with the other problems/factors.”  But too much time has gone by and the games were cruel to do to a person with neurological problems, seizures, the brain locking up thus losing control and ultimately conciseness (grand mal seizure). Lizy e-mailed back on (7-6-13) 1:32 PM and said “If you are still interested in settling your Seroquel claim, we will need you to provide an address where we can mail you the paperwork. We can send it via fed ex and you can send it back.  We can then wire funds.”  And I e-mailed her back on (7-8-13) 2:36 PM saying “A lot of time has gone by and my bills have piled up past $100,000 (pain, suffering, loss of personal items and the psychological suffering you and Joe and the Seroquel have put me through) and are continuing, my family has abandoned me over this also. I wrecked my van while having a seizure in California on I-10  while looking for legal help and medical help, and I never did ask you or Joe to settle and  you never went after the Dr. who prescribed the Seroquel, you did not go after the hospital that allowed the Dr. to prescribe the Seroquel, you or I did not know the long term effects and did not know I would wreck my van or not be able to work again and now states in the United States are asking me not to drive in there state (California) because of the seizures. I need you to tell me how much you are giving me because as of now with the having constant black/white outs, hospital bills, can't drive anymore, high blood pressure, "constant" and unpredictable seizures that cannot be controlled by epilepsy meds or diabetic diet/treatments because the Dr.'s tried everything they knew to stop them and failed, tardive disk. and a care taker and the Dr.'s and care taker ask I do not take baths by myself or drive again not to mention my mother is from Hawai'i and we have family on 4 of the 8 islands and Lizy I'll never be able to surf or body board again . My life is over! How much money are you trying to give me? And Lizy, don't tell me a small number, I'm in a lot of physical trouble.  Tell me a good figure/$ that will help me with the past and future medical bills and all of my pain and psychological suffering from between you and Joe and the whole ordeal especially with Joe. I also lost my bank account Lizy. I have no bank account to wire money to anymore. So give me a good round number to work with. The Dr.'s at Parkland Hospital want to continue research but I have no money for a primary or research Dr.'s.” But as of now, I still have not been paid at all. So please everyone, sign the petition. I have all and any evidence you need, 2 to 4 years of e-mail between the attorneys and I, phone records, witness's, and a recording (MP3) of the Matthews Law Firm even calling me and asking me for more work from their (past clients list) and you can hear me say "What about the money you never paid me for the first lawsuit?” and then she hangs up on me.  Along with the consent form with the % of money they were taking from me. One of my biggest complaint is they took up my time and strung me along until the statute of limits (2 years) to file a case for me ran out to sue the pill Co. Please help; these lawyers stole my award money they said they had for me and wasted my 2 year statute to sue the company, and they did not ask me if they could settle because $ 15,000 is not enough to take on the future medical treatment and side effects of Seroquel with the pain and suffering and not being able to drive or take a bath by myself, when I could have hired competent, honest and good lawyers to do real legal work. I prefer a $ 4,000,000 - 5,000,000 settlement from the two firms Joe Flores /Joe Flores Law Firm and Lizy Santiago/Matthews and Associates Law Firm for several types of damages. I know for a fact Joe Flores/Joe Flores Law Firm and Lizy Santiago/ Matthews and Associates Law Firm steal money and they lied steadily to me and tried to confuse me by telling me multiple story’s and had a very mobster / mafia like mentality and attitude with me as time went on and I started to questioned their ethics (as Joe told me,) “You file a complaint or ask for the money again and you won’t see the money at all!” and telling me “I’ll put you in jail for talking about this and file slander charges against you!”  Not only was I a client, but I am also a victim of Joe Flores and Lizy Santiago. I also know the Texas Lawyers Bar is either highly and grossly negligent or they are condoning the actions of theft and protecting Texas Lawyers who commit these types of crimes by saying “We don’t think they did anything wrong, case closed.” Especially after I filed a complaint like this one, with contracts, phone records/bills, e-mails, recorded phone calls and my witnesses (my mom and girlfriend). I believe Joe Flores and Lizy Santiago used me as a head count to collect (15,000 x 2 law firms= $30,000) from Seroquel / Astra Zeneca and tried their best to confuse me hoping I would give up the pursuit against them, especially after the Texas Bar denied my complaint, and I also believe if they stole from me this means they knowingly took from Astra Zeneca / Seroquel also.  Joe Flores’s biggest mistake was telling me he settled without my consent and telling me he had an exact amount settlement in his possession for me, $15,000 and zero cents. Joe’s second biggest mistake was saying in an e-mail (4-25-11) “Mr. Waters and I had a teleconference. Apparently, there is some miscommunication on when his settlement can be distributed to him.” That e-mail proves there was money for me. I guess he forgot he wrote that e-mail.   Joe’s third biggest mistake was e-mailing me (6-23-13) and telling me he never saw any money even though he said months earlier he had $15,000 for me. And also threatening me with imprisonment for talking about my personal experiences in my life and trying to silence my voice about telling the truth and infringing on my constitutional right to the freedom of speech. And Lizy Santiago’s biggest mistake was having the Matthews and Associates Law secretary call me and ask for more work from me from their past clients list while I ask where my money was from the first job and why I never received it (while being recorded). Lizy’s second biggest mistake was admitting in her latest e-mail (6-26-13) that she has a settlement for me that I supposedly refused and to call her so we can talk. But I no longer have a phone to call because I have no job because of the seizures and the unpredictability of them. More games from Joe Flores and Lizy Santiago. And the state of Texas lets this happen. And one more thing. Joe and Lizy started saying I supposedly refused the settlement or they had supposedly quit working for me after I filed the complaint with the Texas Attorneys Bar along with Joes 6-23-13 e-mail to my mom that said he never received money and quit years ago and that the Matthews Firm returned my file to me timely meaning they quit. But Lizy’s 6-26-13 e-mail to me said I released them and/but there is money for me. I filed a complaint on Rip off about Joe Flores and Lizy Santiago’s actions against me on June 15, 2013 and then three months later on September 21, 2013, I believe Joe Flores and Lizy Santiago cyber attacked my very small business on “Rip Off and said I cheat people with my business. They did this out of retaliation against me for filing official state complaints against them and by putting all of my info on them and me and our relationship on the web. But my very tinny business has never had any clientele except me as the artist because the business is not large enough to financially support anyone or any clientele and I have never had any official complaints by the BBB or State, county or city or had any lawsuit filed against me or the company. I traced the report and it came out of a town called “Robstown, TX.”, a city in Nueces County, Texas, United States, and a western suburb of Corpus Christi where Joes Law office is at, but on rip off reports web site In the complaint against me and my company, the town is conveniently misspelt “Robstwon, TX.” and when I looked for a town by this name on maps and on the web, there is no such Texas town as “Robstwon, TX.” And the closest name to this misspelling is “Robstown, Texas” outside of Corpus Christie where Joe’s office is. The complainant also stated I was from Arizona but I was born and raised in Dallas, TX. and I am not from Arizona. And they also gave my mother’s phone number out in the state of Colorado on the web site which has nothing to do with my now slandered and failed business also. On 10-19-13 Lizy Santiago sent me a letter stating because it’s been so long she can only give me $2,000, they can’t get their story strait. But Joe Flores and Lizy Santiago never did give me the money they owe me! They left me with thousands (over $50,000) in medical bills no money for future treatment and now I’m homeless having seizures in my van with no money for treatment. On Jan. 9, 2014 the Texas Appeals counsel Gayle Vickers appointed by the Texas Supreme court said Lizy Santiago did nothing wrong by stealing from me and on March 20, 2014 the appeals Counsel Christine E. McKeeman said that Joe Flores did nothing wrong by stealing from me but I’ll show them soon. On 2-18-2014 Greg Abbott also sent my mother an e-mail saying he does not help the public or citizens of the state, his interest is with his coworkers. You don’t steal from me even if you think I’m a lesser person than you and cannot defend myself and you think I deserve it. Therefore they believe I deserve to be abused by them, but they’ll pay soon. This will not be over until I say so! I will force them to pay me, including the state, and now that the state wants to make themselves apart of the crime against me they will learn. They will pay for their criminal activity and aiding and abetting Texas lawyers in theft even if law enforcement and the courts fail! They will not escape justice, none of them, including Rick Perry, Greg Abbott, Barak Obama and Eric Holder for denying my cry’s and pleadings of injustice by Texas by U.S. Certified postage! They do not want to help me because I am a medical patient and are trying to provoke me to break laws so they can say “See, he’s a nut”. This is how I know they (Texas Officials, Greg Abbott, Rick Perry, and Texas BAR) don’t care for people with medical or psychiatric problems as they desperately preach on T.V. because of my situation. And the world is watching you Texas and you will pay me! I will be filing a federal tort (lawsuit) soon and I will keep all posted on this subject. On 6-14-2014 the Texas State Trooper "Josh Ray" called my mother in Colorado from Austin, TX. to scare her by saying "This is DPS criminal investigations, Daniel isn't in trouble, but he can't be saying Texas officials and his attorneys will pay for his damages on the web." This is Racketeering, intimidating a witness, bribing a witness to negotiate with a victim of a felony, obstructing justice and obstructing a criminal investigation by a Texas state official/public servant. This is another phone call I have recorded. Their felony’s will not go unpunished and at this point because the state is proving a gangland mentality and breaking local laws and federal laws as of now and by sending State police as messengers and bribers and intimidators of fear towards my family (mom) trying to stop me from filing a lawsuit against them and to obstruct justice and obstruct a criminal investigation. Not to mention  Greg Abbott is up for Gov. of Texas. Local authority have failed to protect me and now my family against felony acts from the state police acting as hit men/messenger men towards me and my family and uphold the local law and federal law and they can no longer be trusted to uphold the laws of the land. They are giving me control on a political and federal level and leading me towards constitutional options and it is my duty as an American citizen to uphold the laws of the land when local law fails to do so.  At this point the state is challenging a citizen of the U.S. violently with the states (Texas) terrorist / domestic terrorist leaders and officials along with their felonies (theft of funds/medical award) against me and now my family along with “Racketeering” (Chapter 96 of Title 18 of the United States Code, 18 U.S.C. § 1961–1968) a citizen of the U.S. and my family. Because the state is allowing their lawyers to threaten me with illegal injunctions and the state is allowing and condoning and guiding the actions of the state police to terrorize/threaten me and my family I feel the need to protect myself with all available protection and will protect my family at all costs. I feel the state of Texas is declaring war against me and challenging my American citizenship to steal my (Astra Zeneca) award money! You will pay! I will also be filing Human Rights complaints outside of U.S. soil along with a federal tort (lawsuit). My friends and family are scared for their safety. I do not negotiate with terrorists or domestic American terrorists backed by local Texas authority! On October 14, 2014 the DPS Complaint Dept. said Joshua Ray did nothing wrong and there was no evidence to support my allegations of him calling my mother in Colorado. This is got to be one of the most corrupt and criminal activity I have ever seen by the state of Texas and the accused officials in modern times in an organized fashion. I just simply do not feel Texan anymore and don’t feel very American anymore and am re-thinking things. I will file a tort lawsuit, damages claim against them. I will also seek  human rights violations and get the support I need. On 4/2/2015 at around 2:30 PM I was arrested by Dallas S.W.A.T. in connection with my situation with the state and my complaints regarding my lawsuit money, in front of a friends house. The swat did not talk to me much and even seemed confused and nervous, just asked for my name and said they were there to arrest me for Terrorist Threats against a public servant (Josh Ray, the state trooper) and did I want to say anything. I said no. They were in all unmarked vehicle's, black suv's. We pulled into a gas station and as they got out I heard one of them say "I didn't want to wait till 7:00 PM. for him" to another member indicating they may not have had a warrant because they never attempted to come into my friends house, they waited for me to come outside and I found that very odd and not very protocol for swat tactics and They did not show me a warrant. Why not send Dallas Sheriff or police for one misdemeanor? I get to Dallas co. Jail and the pre trial judge said "you're charged with a (1) misdemeanor class A charge $10,000 bond ($1,000 to get out with a bondsman) and awaiting transfer to Austin, TX. On 4/7/2015 two Texas state troopers (DPS) in an unmarked vehicle black Toyota truck transported me across Texas unmarked to Austin, TX. There weren't any police lights in the truck or anything to indicate it was official and I told them they were kidnapping a victim of theft and organized crime and were taking me out of my jurisdiction where the supposed infraction took place and where I was to be charged. They did this for their convenience. Dallas is where I should have been charge legally as this is where I'm from, a resident at and was blogging from. This is referred to as "Jurisdiction". Another thing that struck me as odd is I was not charged by city Police or Sheriff in Dallas or Austin. It was the DPS. So I knew Texas trooper Josh Ray was involved, again. On or around 4/11/2015 I saw a court appointed lawyer Peter Bloodworth and he came up to me and said the courts want to postpone your court date to talk to the trooper and send you to a psychiatric approved court room for psychiatric patients in a couple of weeks and I told him what was going on with the trooper threatening me and my family across state lines into Colorado, the lawyers, the state officials and the money and how the FBI and D.A. and police reports were turned down or not even responded to and there is even what I (Daniel) believe to be a jurisdiction problem with dragging me to Austin from Dallas for a supposed misdemeanor I did in Dallas and he wrote down the word "Lawsuit award" and "Jurisdiction" on his pad and looked at me and said " are you kidding me, or are you serious?!" I said I was very, very serious and would send him my file/brief/evidence. He said hold on, went into a room with more lawyers, I assume the County Attorney of Austin, TX. for around 15 minutes, came out and said "We're going to get you out on a P.R. bond in the morning, be ready, no money, just your signature." I agreed as this was lawful and in accordance with state and federal law. I am out now, and in an undisclosed place. 
All They are also scared I will subpoena Rick Perry, Greg Abbott, the Texas BAR director, state trooper Josh Ray and lawyers Joe Flores and Lizy Santiago to testify in a criminal court room that "will" expose their crimes against me. Their new criminal activity will have my case thrown out for failing to report multiple felonies against a medical patient and my mom in Colorado and will now more than likely be investigated. Some have said it was a misdemeanor because a felony court room would be devastating for them if I am telling the truth thus them being charged with silencing a victim of orginized crime with an unlawful conviction, failing to report felonies and using a court room to obstruct justice. Others asked "Are they really willing to expose their felonies vs. your misdemeanor?" This is not over. I want my money! This is why I got out for free. Austin, TX. is now nervous and said to themselves "Get him out of here!" I am the law and It works for me now! And is now working against Texas officers and officials. If they were smart, they would pay me my lawsuit award and damages now before their charged with crimes. I am so, so disappointed in Texas and am denouncing my statesman ship after this is all over and will request the state be watched under a microscope constantly for crimes against it's citizens. The state allows crimes by authority and state officials against medical patient's and psychiatric patient's and then threatens them with unlawful activities and even break the law out of fear and cowardice if complaints or lawsuits are filed or you declare to defend yourself from out of control rogue, tyrannical authority. 

As of 4/15/2015 and being arrested for saying I'll continue to seek justice and sue the state and defend myself at all cost I still have no jury trial date and it is going on 9 months without a court date for 1 misdemeanor. My first lawyer Peter Bloodworth quit on me for saying I believe he does not know what he is doing if I had to request a bond and mention "Jurisdiction" to get out of jail on a bond from Austin, TX to get back to Dallas, TX. for one misdemeanor charge. "Judge Carlos Barrera" in criminal court 8 in Austin, TX. has postponed my case several times for the trooper "Josh Ray" and state and will not give me a jury trial. After saying the court is out of control and Judge Carlos Barrera and state are conducting a robbery against me and aiding and abetting and committing multiple felonies against me by the state against a medical patient (me), the pre trial release/bond officer called me on 9/9/2015 and said that the judge wanted me to see a psych doctor before court delaying my court date. I filed an official Judicial Temperament charge against the judge on 9/24/2015 with the state for trying to use a court room to obstruct justice, not give me a "quick and speedy trial" and denying my motions to dismiss the case on grounds the trooper failed to report multiple felonies against me prior to filing a charge against me, not producing evidence at discovery trial and not to mention my official complaints against my lawyers and trooper were rejected. All of the sudden I have another court date scheduled for 10/10/2015 and a new lawyer named "William J. Browning". I get to court and then they say the judge is not there get back on the Greyhound and go back to Dallas. My lawyer said my next court date will be 12/10/2015. So 12/10/2015 comes and my lawyer calls me after I buy another bus ticket and says "the case is postponed again till 2/10/2015 and if you don't stop telling people I wont call you or communicate with you about the case I'll quit on you" and I said "you better not or I'll file a complaint against you and be angry with you and you too will be apart of the crime, they are cowards and can't face the music now that they got me into a court room because they are committing multiple felonies against me" My new lawyer does not communicate with me and does not text me to let me know about my court dates. Why does it take a year to get 1 misdemeanor in court? Because they are scrambling to cover crime they are committing against me, including judge Carlos Barrera. when I told what was going on in this very unusual case he now knows of felonies committed against me because I told him and the County Attorney now they are accountable because they are aware of my complaint and are covering crimes against me and trying to use a court room to cover felonies and obstruct justice committed by law enforcement and licensed Texas lawyers for the gain of theft, robbery, denial of Due Process, obstruction of justice and embezzlement against me.On 2/12/2016 at 9:00am I attended my fourth (4th) court hearing in Austin, Texas from my home in Dallas, Texas jurisdiction for my one (1) """supposed""" misdemeanor "Terroristic Threat" against Texas State Trooper Josh Ray that has been pending for a year now that I """supposedly""" committed (in) Dallas, Texas. Judge Carlos Barrera (Criminal Court 8 Austin, TX.) has allowed texas state troopers to take me from Dallas to Austin and has postponed my court dates 4 times for the state in the last 12 months because they have no evidence and are scrambling to fabricate some, but can't because I didn't do anything wrong. Judge Carlos Barrera is not allowing me to have a jury trial by my peers. As we were getting ready for court, I asked my lawyer William Browning if he was going to file a motion to dismiss on grounds of "Freedom of Speech" as he had told me he would in an email to me a few weeks earlier. Then he turned around and said "no" on my court date. My lawyer also said my evidence is not important and he would not use it in court. Those email are on the web for public notice and view for evidence against the state of Texas and for my protection as I obviously do not have any in this specific court room. My lawyer William Browning said "No! I'm not filing a motion to dismiss. Your going to have to wait 4 to 6 months for a jury trial." and by then a year and a half will have gone by. I asked if he could just try to file a motion as all options are open to any case. I said "Work for me and do your job!" out of disappointment in my attorneys performance infront of the court house. He said I was insulting him telling him to do his job so loudly. I told him it was insulting to me to be robbed for my lawsuit award by my lawsuit lawyers, have my family threatened in Colorado by a texas state trooper and then have charges pressesed against me for wanting my lawsuit award and explaining to the public what the state is trying to accomplish in detail. He said he would quit on me if I kept writing complaints and demanding a trial and telling him how to do his job. He said lets ask for a trial, I said ok. We go into the court room, he wispers to the County Attorney and glares at me like he's mad I want and demand justice and how dare I ask for a trial and how dare I claim innocence how dare I be a victim. We approach the bench, my lawyer says "Motion to proceed with trial." I then asked if he would file a dismissal on several counts to end it right there, and he looks at the judge and says "I'm done I quit". The judge looks at me and says "You seem like a smart guy, hire an attorney!" and dismissed my 2nd state appointed lawyer. He is the same judge who dismissed my first lawyer Peter Bloodworth on the grounds that I showed my first lawyer how to get my bond set so I could go back to Dallas and told him what "jurisdiction" is. I looked at the judge and told him I could show him the email where my lawyer William Browning said he would file motions to dismiss, and then William Browning said "he has no such evidence" then the judge said "I don't care to see it." and I told him infront of the public he can't get rid of my lawyer, because the state and pre trial had already determined that I was eligible for one and gave me one. I also told the judge he can't dismiss my lawyer because we are disputing "motions vs. trials". That is not grounds to dismiss a lawyer by local rule and code and "Due Process" and may even be illegal. The judge looked at me and said "see'ya in 3 months". I said "Can I motion for jury trial prose?" and the bailiff asked me not to talk to the judge and to come talk to him and sign for another date with no trial or proceedings in the near future denying me a quick and speedy trial. And I came back to Dallas. It is Feb 15 2016 as I blog. I believe Judge Carlos Barrera and my lawyer William Browning are aiding and abetting a theft of funds and are obstructing justice in a U.S. Court room to cover a $15,000 robbery against me by Texas lawyers Joe Flores in Chorpus Christie, TX., Lizy Santiago in Houston, TX., The director of the Texas BAR in Austin, TX., and Texas state trooper Josh Ray in Austin, TX. Also, Carlos Barrera ordered me to have a psych evaluation on my 2nd court date after I was arguing that I am innocent and filing complaints. The judge didn't even ask for my papers to see if I was attending my psychological meetings on my 2/12/2016. Why didn't they ask after pressuring me to see a shrink?. Because this case has nothing to do with justice or doing the right thing. They want to inconvenience me out of spite and hate. I have never seen or even heard of anything like this before. But thieves usually are cowards who hide and surround themselves with thug coward hit men like the Texas state trooper Josh Ray. I don't even know if I'm legally obligated at this point to continue to participate in a highly corrupt and highly illegal court hearing. This is not a court hearing at all. It is a personal vendetta against me that has no justice or laws or rules involved. All because I was saying I was upholding justice and reporting a theft of funds from a medical patient, me. I know they want a war with me. They don't like when someone is a victim. They don't like victims of crime like me. All they know is violence and theft and lies, obstruction of justice, coercion, racketeering, threatening witnesses etc., etc. In other words they are fucking criminals. The reason I post my paperwork and documents is because I have no protection and no one will defend or help me. So I must post all of this to show America and the world I am not receiving a fair trial by law and tax dollars are being illegally spent on a botched trial. The web is my hope, obviously. How am I supposed to prove my innocence, and most importantly receive a fair trial while being instructed / coerced / threatened with more jail time without a trial and told to lie and with hold evidence about the truth by Texas lawyers and judge Carlos Barrera? Just look at how my lawyers talk to me.This has caused me to lose my teaching job and my place with my roommates.

On 4/6/2016 I went to my 5th misdemeanor court hearing in Austin, TX. from my home in Dallas, TX. Judge Carlos Barrera asked me If I had employed an attorney and I told him "I can't afford one, it's why the arrangement court appointed me not one, but two lawyers. But the judge took them away from me for his personal. unethical reasons. Those reasons being I wanted to file motions to dismiss at pre trial and I said I feel I'm being denied justice. He asked what I wanted to do. I asked if we can go prose and Carlos Barrera said he didn't suggest that without a lawyer but he said "ok". I told him he took my lawyers and didn't give me a choice and said he would put me in jail if I didn't hire a lawyer because Carlos Barrera said I sounded smart while ordering me to see a psych Dr. and he said I don't get a court appointed lawyer on our last court date 2/12/2016. Not to mention, judge Barrera and my bond agent are forcing me to see a psych Dr. So how can judge Carlos Barrera take my lawyer from me while claiming I have mental problems and how can the judge take my lawyer from me because my lawyer and I were disagreeing on motions vs. trials and should my lawyer file a motion after texting me on my phone me he would on the grounds of "Freedom of Speech" at pre trial? Then the Judge said "Go speak to the prosecutors". I walk into the prosecutors office, I explain everything to them and they say they are not handling my case, but a guy by the name of Jason Steans was handling the case in a building across the street and to go talk to him. The prosecutors wrote down a map and gave me a phone number to this guy. I go to his office and am met by Sgt. Anthony Valderas (a cop) who tried to get me to talk about my case with no lawyer present. This is why the judge dismissed my lawyer illegally. They have no case but are illegally trying to build one with no foundations. I tell the cop to step away and stand down. I leave and go back to the court house and ask why they sent me across the street and why am I being denied a fair trial and why is the prosecution cowering and sending me on wild goose chase. But the bailiff said I had to go and they'll se me at trial on 6/6/2016. Everything they are doing gives me the right to defend my self at all costs, everywhere. They are felons. I had my terroristic threat case against a texas state trooper, the texas gov., the texas attorney general and texas bar director dismissed. I didn't use any lawyers again and won again.


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